CK Telecaster


Just your basic Plank of 100 year old pine


This board had 2 knots that just happened to coincide with the pickup and control routes

tele fit

We might just be able to get an entire Tele out of this board


I didn't take any pictures of the cutting out phase because the band saw and router required my full and undivided attention


Semi finished head stock with the inset CK Logo. This design came about after my router bit came loose while cutting the headstock to accept the original ck logo inlay

Completed headstock with bone string tree. I had neglected to order string trees and decided that it wasn't worth $8 shipping on a $2 part.

First Mockup I was still experimenting with pickguard designs, this example was exploring no pickguard and a simple pickup ring made of wood.


Now that it's together and has been officially certified by playing at church, it's time for some fine tuning and a fret leveling.


I love how the grain bookmatched on the edges.

Another angle from the top edge


The burst was replicated on the back side as well as on the neck.

And now the final shot with the custom designed pickguard to complete the country look