CK Custom Guitars - For Sale

Occasionally I have instruments available for sale.

Check back regularly to see what is available.
I'm afraid I do not ship guitars these instruments are for pick up only

The Following Instruments are for sale:

Washburn J9VG - I'm still not sure if I want to part with this one,
it's such a joy to play. To the right buyer I'll let it go though...

Ibanez GAX70 - What a great sounding and playing guitar

Guitar Repair Hamilton Ontario

Affordable guitar repairs offering excellent service and quick turn around.

My mission is to make your guitar play the way you want it. "Making it Right" involves respecting the musician's playing style and adapting the setup to conform to the musician. String selection and string height are very personal choices and I endeavour to work with the musician to find the balance that fits them. To that end all setups must be done in direct consultation with the musician. I'm not happy until you are happy.