Raven SG Restoration

Late 1960's or Early 1970's Japanese made SG Copy By Raven

Open Book headstock, wonder who they're emulating?

Fairly significant chip on the upper bout

Nice chip on the backside of the lower horn. Note the strap button. Placement means this one doesn't neck-dive

Ouchy, this one hurts. Someone probably wanted to create a chanel for wires to exit through. (And, no that's not my foot in the left side of the frame)

Bridge has become concave and doesn't fit the adjustment wheels at all.

Nice shot of the mahogany laminations

I'm going to replace the pickups as the originals are badly mis-matched.

Nice veneer gives the appearance of a one piece back.

This guitar should have gone to the dentist more often, it required major bridge work. The assembly was re-radiused, saddles filed flat then made to match the radius of the neck, as well the mounting holes were enlarged to accept new bridge pins.

New Pickups from GFS gave a much sweeter tone than the original pickups had. They were 4 wire pickups which allowed me to add a coil tap to expand the tonal offering.

New nut and strings, fret markers had to be glued back into the fret board and the frets got a nice leveling and polish.

Here's the patch on the back near the control panel.
I don't have access to Nitro Cellulose Lacquer to I stained to bring the color close then left it alone.