CK Custom Guitars - Repairs

Over the past few years I have been priviledged to work on some interesting instruments. I have been able to rescue some from certain oblivion, and to make others to be real players. The pictures below are just a few of the guitars I've worked on. Click on the picture to take you to the repair story.

More recently I started taking formal repair training through Connestoga College's Guitar Design and Repair course taught by Michael McConville. Check out his work at McConville Guitars.

Yamaha G60A Refret and B-Band Pickup Install

Gibson ES-335 Rejuvination Project

Gibson B-25 Neck Reset

Gibson B-45 12 Deluxe Top Brace Repair

Ibanez StageStar Restoration

Ibanez GAX70 Rebuild

Raven SG Project

Vantage VE470 Entertainer

Vibra Classical

Washburn J9VG

Samick Les Paul Rescue

Martin D35 Pickguard Repair