CK Custom Guitars - Repairs

Over the past few years I have been priviledged to work on some interesting instruments. I have been able to rescue some from certain oblivion, and to make others to be real players. The pictures below are just a few of the guitars I've worked on. Click on the picture to take you to the repair story.

More recently I started taking formal repair training through Connestoga College's Guitar Design and Repair course taught by Michael McConville. Check out his work at McConville Guitars.

You can schedule your own repair appointment by visiting my About/Contact page

Yamaha G60A Refret and B-Band Pickup Install

Gibson ES-335 Rejuvination Project

Gibson B-25 Neck Reset

Gibson B-45 12 Deluxe Top Brace Repair

Ibanez StageStar Restoration

Ibanez GAX70 Rebuild

Raven SG Project

Vantage VE470 Entertainer

Vibra Classical

Washburn J9VG

Samick Les Paul Rescue

Martin D35 Pickguard Repair