Samick Les Paul finish repair

This Samick Les Paul came to me from one of my Son's class mates. It seems a friend had dropped the guitar and knocked a rather large chip out of the finish. No one in the area was willing to repair it for the poor guy because it was an inexpensive LP copy and wouldn't be worth fixing. The problem is that it is his only electric and he cannot afford to replace it.

Is it a Lucille?

After giving it a thorough examination I found that the construction which makes it so inexpensive was going to help me to repair it. The top is almost 1/8" thick Poly and the "maple" top is a decal. I decided that I could match the colour of the top, then drop fill the Loonie sized chip with some oil based Polyurethane. Looks good so far.


Nope, a Washburn J9VG

It's not perfect and drop filling means that the finish will take a few months to cure, meanwhile it is playable for now.


Cleaned up body

This crack across the top was one of the places where the poly had separated from the decal. I flowed CA glue into the crack and under the poly to get it to stay in place, then polished it smooth.


No Buclke rash

Another shot of the crack. In a few months I'll take the guitar back to finish polishing the big chip, meanwhile the guitar is back in the player's hands