StringTech TechDeck

This is the tool that we used at Conestoga College's Guitar repair and design course. (Visit the course description Here)


This is a TechDeck workstation. It is infinitely adjustible to support any stringed instrument, from a mandolin to a double bass violin.


And here's are some shots of my Les Paul getting ready for a fret dress.

Les Paul on techdeck

les paul on techdeck


It's got some nice features like these small dishes to hold parts while you do the work.

techdeck feature


This is a piece of vinyl mat for mounting photo's. It serves well as a guard so that I don't scratch the body with my fret files. Plus it keeps the fret filings and steel wool dust out of the pickups.
fret dress prep

Speaking of fret files, here's my hand made equivalent to the Stew Mac fret leveling file. Mine cost $8.00

fret dress


Now that the frets are level, I recrowned them with a fret crowning file but forgot to photograph it.

Here I'm setting up to sand the frets and give them that gentle crown, I go progressively through 320, 400, 600, 800 and 1000 grit papers backed up by the felt pad on this block

fret dress

Finally I finish off with 0000 steel wool.

fret polish


Here we are, all finished. Total time start to finish was about 45 minutes, including installing new strings and setting action and intonation.

frets done